Sitemap - 2021 - Salt + Spine

🍪 BAY AREA: Cookie Swap on Sunday!

Claire Saffitz's Pumpkin Pie (and other T-Day recipes)

Pork and Grits by Rodney Scott

Rodney’s Sauce by Rodney Scott

Smoked Chicken by Rodney Scott

Pork T-Bones by Rodney Scott

Rodney Scott's Rib Rub

Rodney Scott brings legendary whole-hog BBQ to the backyard with debut cookbook

Fall 2021 Cookbook Preview with Paula Forbes (Stained Page News)

Gullah Rice by Matthew Raiford

Blackberry Doobie by Matthew Raiford

In debut cookbook, Matthew Raiford celebrates Gullah Geeche recipes, family legacy

Sweet & Sticky Orange Cardamom Rolls by Jesse Tyler Ferguson + Julie Tanous

Ground Beef and Pickle Tacos by Jesse Tyler Ferguson + Julie Tanous

Sopaipillas by Jesse Tyler Ferguson + Julie Tanous

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and chef Julie Tanous build a cookbook around friendship

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and chef Julie Tanous build a cookbook around friendship

Herb, Garlic, and Chili Stuffed Chicken Thighs by Reem Kassis

Date and Cardamom Coffee Tiramisu by Reem Kassis

In The Arabesque Table, Reem Kassis teaches a range of culinary and cultural history

Taiwanese-Style Eggplant by Brandon Jew

Seafood Shui Jiao by Brandon Jew

Baked Nian Gao by Brandon Jew

Brandon Jew and Tienlon Ho bring San Francisco's historic Chinatown to life in new Mister Jiu's cookbook

Jessica B. Harris' Chicken Yassa

Abra Beren's Buttermilk and Butter Lettuce Salad

Illustrator Lindsay Gardner calls on 100+ women to answer: Why do we cook?

Radish Butter Terrine by Farmer Lee Jones

Ramp Top Pasta with Morels and Fiddleheads by Farmer Lee Jones

Fried Cauliflower with Thai Chile Jam by Farmer Lee Jones

Carrot Pot Roast by Farmer Lee Jones

In The Chef's Garden, Farmer Lee Jones offers a bounty of vegetable knowledge

Molly Baz stops by — and Hetty McKinnon joins us for dinner!

Strip Steaks au Poivre by Molly Baz

Molly Baz wants you to have fun in the kitchen—and she's determined to teach you how

Caramelized Honey Pumpkin Pie by Claire Saffitz

Buckwheat Blueberry Skillet Pancake by Claire Saffitz

Claire Saffitz believes everyone is a 'Dessert Person,' and her first cookbook will prove it

Sheet Pan Chow Mein by Hetty McKinnon

With her fourth cookbook, Hetty McKinnon finds community, homecoming

Pancake-Battered Coconut Shrimp by Ayesha Curry

Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice by Ayesha Curry

Getting dinner on the table–despite it all–with lifestyle mogul Ayesha Curry

Mortadella and Fig Melt by Jeff Mauro

Comedy-meets-recipes in Food Network star Jeff Mauro's debut entertaining cookbook

[BONUS] Loading Dock Talks: Zoe Adjonyoh on Ancestral Roots and Queer Intelligence

Leah Chase Gumbo by Marcus Samuelsson

Fried Chicken and Waffles with Piri Piri Glaze by Marcus Samuelsson

Celebrating Black cooks with The Rise authors Marcus Samuelsson and Osayi Endolyn

Dinner with Jake Cohen (and you're invited!)

Kelly Fields // The Good Book of Southern Baking

Warm Chocolate Pudding by Kelly Fields

Willa Jean Chocolate Chip Cookies with Vanilla Milk by Kelly Fields

Chewy Iraqi Almond Cookies (Hadji Bada) by Jake Cohen

Shakshuka alla Vodka by Jake Cohen

Jake Cohen on Jew-ish cuisine, reinventing recipes, and becoming the 'gay Ina Garten'

[BONUS] Food52's Counterjam: Getting Jjigae with Roy Choi, Margaret Cho & Peter's Mom

Friendship, trust, and great food with The Grey's Mashama Bailey & John Morisano

Dinner with Julia Turshen

Pilar Hernandez & Eileen Smith // The Chilean Kitchen

Empanadas de Pino (Beef Empanadas) by Pilar Hernandez & Eileen Smith

Apio con Palta (Avocado Celery Salad) by Pilar Hernandez & Eileen Smith

Bringing Chilean family recipes home with Pilar Hernandez and Eileen Smith

On creating community and 'inclusive baking' with Goldenrod's Angela Garbacz

Double Chocolate Cookies by Angela Garbacz

All Things Julia

Julia Turshen on cookbooks, healthy comfort food, and the role of home cooking

Stewed Chickpeas with Peppers + Zucchini by Julia Turshen

Eighth Avenue Ropa Vieja by Julia Turshen

A welcome message from Lauren Ko

Sesame Chess Pie by Petra Peradez

Coconut Custard Pie by Petra Paradez

A lifetime of family-led pie baking (& eating) led Petra Paredez to her first cookbook

Honey Walnut Orange Pie by Kate McDermott

Peach Berry Sonker by Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott's rules for pie making, straight from Pie Camp to your home kitchen

Wave of Wonders by Lauren Ko

Happy As A Gram by Lauren Ko

How bold, innovative pie art catapulted Lauren Ko to Instagram stardom

Wednesday: Meatballs with Anna Francese Gass

Potato Chip Shnitsel by Danielle Renov

Haloumi + Sweet Potato Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette by Danielle Renov

Harissa Matzo Soup: Bridging Moroccan and Ashkenazi cooking with Danielle Renov

Anna Francese Gass joins our Cookbook Club!