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Excerpted recipes from Salt + Spine featured cookbooks.

"History suggests that cooking green tomatoes was passed on to the Black people of the South by Indigenous Americans from Mexico, of which there was a…
"Bacon-Miso Sauce was the first menu element I personally developed for Le Bernardin."
"If I still need to convince you to make this, know that it was the first meal that I made for my boyfriend, and he has been attached to me ever since."
"I don’t have the patience to brine pork chops. I want them the second that I get home from the store with the groceries."
"I, too, am jumping on the strawberry bandwagon, because even just saying 'strawberry sheet cake' gives me all the happy, summery feels. Can’t exactly…
Fire up the grill: Kwame's recipe for Nigerian Suya—the "grandfather of American BBQ"—is a perfect weekend project.
"Dancing images of beef patties tucked into pillows of coco bread got me through endless church services on Sundays because I knew what awaited me, a…
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