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Mission Possible: Danny Bowien's vegan revolution arrives, in cookbook form

Mission Possible: Danny Bowien's vegan revolution arrives, in cookbook form

We chat with the Mission Chinese Food founder about his latest cookbook. Plus new releases out this week!

Hi there,

This week, Danny Bowien joins us to #TalkCookbooks. But first!

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And now, onto this week’s show!

The Chat!

In today’s episode, Danny and I discuss:

  • Growing up in Oklahoma after being adopted from his birthplace of South Korea, and a lingering nostalgia for Olive Garden.

  • His journey to becoming a chef, from an early job at a pizza shop to culinary school to winning the Genova Pesto World Championship.

  • The process of opening Mission Chinese Food and how he handled being catapulted to a new level of fame.

  • The inspiration behind his latest cookbook, Mission Vegan, and some of the ways his culinary repertoire has evolved in recent years.

Plus, as always, we put Danny to the culinary test in our signature game.

(If you enjoy this show with Danny, you may also enjoy our conversations with vegan chef Amy Chaplin … or with Danny’s Mission Chinese Food co-author Chris Ying on his book with Ivan Orkin.)

The Book!

We 💚 local bookstores. Find your copy of Danny’s Mission Vegan at Bookshop or a signed copy (!) from Omnivore Books.

The Recipes!

This week, paid subscribers will get two featured recipes from Danny’s Mission Vegan. Get both here with a paid subscription or a free 7-day trial:

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New Cookbooks Out This Week

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