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Claire Saffitz Returns! Unleashing the power of nostalgia (and stovetop desserts)
Claire Saffitz Returns! Unleashing the power of nostalgia (and stovetop desserts)
Claire is back, kicking off our Spring 2023 season. Plus featured recipes, new cookbook releases, and more.

Hi there!

Our Spring 2023 season of the Salt + Spine podcast kicks off right here, right now, with a marvelous returning guest: the delightful Claire Saffitz.

But first: That’s right … we’re back! Thanks for your patience as we prepared an exciting new season, and recovered from about every seasonal flu/illness/allergy/eardrum injury that one family can get. Phew, fingers crossed we’re through it.

To celebrate the debut of our Spring 2023 season, we’re offering 20% off all paid subscriptions this week. Click below to join our community and get access to hundreds of featured recipes and much more.

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🥇 While we were away, some exciting news: We won a Taste Award for Best Lifestyle Podcast! Thanks to the Taste Awards team, and all of our fans, for recognizing Salt + Spine. I hopped down to Beverely Hills for a star-studded awards show (Al Roker! Lidia Bastianich!), complete with a red carpet. Here I am celebrating with Salt + Spine’s first superfan, my wife Clara:

Living that red carpet life! 🏆

More exciting stuff on the horizon—but for now, let’s get to this week’s episode with Claire:

The Chat!

In today’s episode, Claire and I discuss:

  • How she’s worked to create dessert recipes that speak to everyone—from sweet to tart, simple to complex.

  • The impact of the pandemic on her creative process as she embarked on writing book No. 2, What’s for Dessert.

  • Which cookbook authors inspire Claire, and which books she turns to time and again—including community cookbooks!

  • Harnessing the anxiety many home bakers feel, and acknowledging the emotions tied to baking.

  • Her advice to home bakers, based on years of creating recipes for curious novices looking for a boost.

Plus, as always, we put Claire to the culinary test in our signature game.

(If you enjoy this show with Claire, you may also enjoy our previous episode with her here. Also don’t miss our chats with other former Bon Appetit stars Molly Baz, Andy Baraghani, and Carla Lalli Music.)

The Book!

We 💚 local bookstores. Find your copy of Claire’s What’s for Dessert at Bookshop or a signed copy (!) from Omnivore Books.

P.S. Find Claire’s first book, Dessert Person, on Bookshop.

The Recipes!

This week, paid subscribers will get two featured recipes from Claire’s What’s for Dessert—these vibrant No Bake Grapefruit Bars and an utlra-swirly Flourless Chocolate Meringue Cake:

Get these recipes this week by becoming a paid subscriber! Salt + Spine is a reader-supported publication. Paid subscribers get bonus content like featured recipes and more for just a few dollars per month.

New Cookbook Releases

In the past, we have included recent cookbook releases in these emails. Did you find those useful? Should we continue? Please know that our friends over at

also provide a roundup, in monthly form; check out their April new cookbook list here.

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